Going on a trip always brings up the question - what to pack, when should I arrive, what's the weather like....

  • please bring your student ID
  • main arrival day: Monday, June 5 - if this is not possible, please talk to us
  • ideally fly into Hamburg or Berlin and take the train to Rostock
  • the hostel will be booked until Saturday, June 17 (return day), please try to arrange your departure for this day...if this is not possible, contact us!
  • it's supposed to be summer - but please bring a jacket or a warm sweater and don't forget a rain jacket
  • you do not have to dress formal for classes
  • you do not pay for public transportation - you get a ticket
  • you can bring your notebook - there will be wireless internet access in the hostel

We know there are many more questions...money, travelling, how to get there...please contact us!