Traditio & Innovatio

- feel the history and experience modernity -

We not only write this...we mean it! We try to keep the good things that worked out, but always try to improve, look at things from different perspectives and bring in new ideas! This is not only true for the Medical Summer School, but for the Medical Department as well.

We want you to be part of our experience and make it into your own!

Well, we cannot make up new facts. Therefore, the following information could be found on previous webpage for the Summer School as well! But we promise you, besides the History of our town and university, there are many new developments to see and explore. Without change, there would be no history...

The Medical School was founded in 1419 as one of four founding faculties of the University of Rostock. Tradition and the ability to adapt to the needs of current society and its people are important key factors of the Medical School. The department actively works to promote development in research and teaching with exceptional results. High standards of medical training in small groups with great research opportunities and practical experience offer a special learning atmosphere to students. The medical faculty also offers a major in medical biotechnology, this rounds up a diverse educational offer for students.

Come and get an impression of the University and its Medical School in the lively student town of Rostock, in which tradition and innovation are combined successfully.

Living, visiting and studying in Rostock means Baltic Sea, beach, the river Warnow and all kinds of activities that go along with water. You will get to know some of the importance and the fun. Also, Rostock, located in northern Germany, offers a lot of cultural and social possibilities to its inhabitants, students and visitors.

Well-known cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen are easily accessible and you will find the Baltic Sea, the beach and wonderful nature even closer. Rostock, shaped by the medieval commercial union - called the “Hanse,” is an old charming hanseatic port town. With its 200.000 inhabitants, the city provides a great variety of bars, cafés and clubs to socialize. Additionally, the beautiful seaside resort of Warnemünde invites you to relax, go to the beach and enjoy a swim in the Baltic Sea.

Come and still feel the old and new influence of seafaring, trading, shipbuilding, tourism and university life.